MojtabaMy name is Mojtaba. I am 33 years old. I was born in Tehran and now I live in Turkey. From the age of 17, I became interested in web pages. I learned HTML and created a static online store for movie sales. Gradually, my store became more popular, and I needed a professional online store. At that time, there were no ready to use CMSs yet, and a few ones that existed didn't have the features I wanted. So I started learning PHP and MySQL and implemented in my store every new thing I learned. Whenever I needed to add features to my store, I would start searching and learning new topics and adding the features I needed to my store. Since my store was a real high-traffic online shop and my source of income, I always had to learn the best and safest methods because there was no opportunity to test! I learned everything I knew by searching online sources, and because I needed to, I was always motivated to learn.


On this website, I have tried to teach PHP programming in the simplest possible way. The method and framework that I have used to teach on this website are what I have used during these 15 years, and I think it is one of the best and simplest ways to learn PHP and related things like MySQL, jQuery, CSS, etc. Maybe if someone had explained these steps and principles to me 15 years ago, I would have progressed much faster.


In a short period of time, I worked as a programmer for others and implemented projects for them, but for most of the years, I worked on my own projects and had websites for myself that generated revenue in various fields. Currently, I have an online travel agency with several employees that offer hotel and tour booking services for travel to Iran, and I have designed and implemented and maintained websites related to it myself. So my source of income isn't programming but I've got my business through programming, and I consider myself a programmer!


Over the years I have implemented various websites with PHP. For some projects, I have used pure PHP and for others, I have used CodeIgniter and Laravel frameworks. I am also familiar with NodeJS and Golang and have run a number of small projects with them and can now run larger projects. I am not an expert in any programming language but I have worked with many of them and I can use them and implement projects whenever needed. During project construction, I learn everything that is needed, and in general, I believe that a good programmer is someone who can use different programming languages ​​and tools according to the needs of a project because programming science is evolving every day. The ability to solve problems and be up-to-date is more important than mastering the details of a programming language.

My mother tongue is Persian
I’m good at English but I didn’t take any IELTS or …
I’m learning Deutsch (A1 right now)

I love learning new things! Computer science and web development technique are growing fast and I don’t have experience in everything. Right now I’m learning:

  1. Web development! There are a lot of new things that come out about new technologies, every programmer should try to be updated …
  2. Android development! I started learning android development in 2019 and I had some progress.
  3. Deutsch! I’m trying to learn it as my 3rd language until now I’m A1 but I liked it …
  4. Turkish! I love this language, It's just like a poem! I'm trying to learn it.



I'm looking for new experiences. If you have a project to run or want to hire me, share your suggestion with me. If I am interested in your project or it is a new and exciting experience, I will definitely work with you. If your project or company is special, I am even willing to work in your company anywhere in the world, and I do not care about salaries and benefits. My businesses are active here and I don't need money, but I care about exciting experiences and learning new things.